My name is Jordan Coats and I design stuff. This is just a simple site to showcase all of my design work, be it digital or print. This will have a mix of personal and professional projects, past and present, so hopefully you'll find something you'll like. Feel free to click the link below and send me an e-mail if you're interested in hiring me.

about me

Where to begin?

I've been interested in two things all my life: art and computers. But it wasn't until I was around 10 years old that I found something that combined the two: web design. I built my first website back then on GeoCities about Pokémon. Luckily that website is no more, and I've gotten a lot of experience since then. When I took a web design class my teacher realized that I was more advanced than what she planned to teach for that semester so she talked me into re-doing the school's website. I wasn't paid much but it was my first professional job, at that point I realized this could be a career for me. Following those lessons I've so far have graduated with an associate's degree in science (taking various web design courses along the way) and I'm now pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science with an interest in web development while working part-time as an office manager.

my projects

Sunny Solutionsmore_vert


Web Designclose

This website was made in 2015 for a company in North Augusta, SC. It is a simple business website that is to the point that is designed to boost SEO so that the website's rankings within relevant search results are the top.

Correct Connectmore_vert


Logo Designclose

This logo was designed for a used car company in North Augusta, SC. The color choices were made so that it stands out among other logos and the sleek car design counters the bold text that captures everyone's attention.



Social Media Managementclose

I use various social media tools to analyze the best marketing tactics. Since each social networking platform works differently, content is adapted to maximize the platform. I help oversee the communications strategy for these platforms while doing graphic design for promotional material physical and digital.

New York City Strangemore_vert


Logo and Game Designclose

This logo was designed as a fun side project for a homebrew pen and paper RPG campaign among my friends on the website Roll20.

Allison's Librarymore_vert


Logo Designclose

Allison's Library is a logo designed for a Book Review YouTube channel that is coming soon.